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Atlanta Appraisers - Appraisal Process


Atlanta Appraisers Atlanta Appraisers

The Appraisal Process is performed in three parts.

Once an appointment is made, Melinda will arrive at the designated location and do a walk through with the client to ascertain what items are to be appraised to ensure accuracy. Next, Melinda begins her "On-Site" inspection, which consists of her using a Dictaphone to totally describe each item in detail as well as photographing all items, which will be included in the actual appraisal document.

After completing her "On-Site" inspection, she takes all her information back to her office where she conducts her research. The Research process is the second phase. It may include field research; on-line membership sources commonly used for appraising, consultation with an outside expert as well as the use of certain price guides.

The third process is the producing (production) of the final report which consists of all items appraised, photographs and documentation of research values with the proper research methodology described.

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